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CCTV Systems


Here at Paul Mill Television Ltd we can professionally and affordably install or repair a wide range of CCTV systems including traditional analogue based and modern IP technologies.

We specialise in secure CCTV installations for home and business supplying peace of mind and with ease of use to the home-owner / resident or business owner.


Some of the benefits of a professionally installed CCTV system with features possible are:

  • You can monitor your home or premises 24/7 whether home or away by smart phone, pc or tablet. Perfect for holidays, holiday homes and extra business premises.

  • Have all your recordings transferred to an integrated hard drive which can be accessed at a later date.

  • Monitor and record incidents with visual evidence to help settle disputes.

  • High quality crystal images including High Definition (HD)

  • IR cameras can supply pictures in poor or no light.

  • PTZ cameras can provide surveillance by moving in a direction dictated by the end user.

  • CCTV is an undeniable deterrent for crime.


Our process begins right at the consultation stage where we speak with our perspective clients listen to their requirements, establish a budget and put forward the most appropriate system.


Contact us for more infomation.

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